Omer – London lifestyle newborn photography

Every day the Internet flood photos of newborns and very small babies in unusual shots. Baby hammocks, suitcases, pots or newborn sleeping on bookshelves, basketball balls, shaggy dogs and even guitars or motorcycle helmets. The most popular except the newborn in the position of a frog, with the head, supported on the hands. Such pictures have become extremely fashionable and many parents would like to have them. You should know that such pictures are always composed of two photos. Caution, it can be dangerous if you will try to reproduce it by yourself! Unfortunately, photographers without property training and knowledge about safety rules can also endanger the health of infants.

Parents and photographers sometimes have a variety of ideas, but they must always be carefully analyzed for the safety of the small model. Safety should be the most important. You must not, for example, photograph a newborn in a glass container, with a head or shoulders based on the edge, such as a bucket, or force him to rest his head on his wrists. During the session, the photographer should always be accompanied by an assistant or parent who is attending the child. Always remember that it is a small person, not a puppet, which can be set up as you wish.