Kamila + Kacper, relaxed couple photography in West London


What I found was that the most precious moments were the ones when people weren’t focusing on the camera at all. There were times when they weren’t interested in the camera, instead, they were more focused on each other. This engagement session was one that I actively enjoyed working on because of the incredible emotions coursing through the couple that I had become part of. I was allowed to share their journey with them and experience the miracle of their love, which was a true blessing.

The emotions here were so powerful and raw. Engagement is the beginning of a new chapter, of an exciting journey into a world that these people aren’t familiar with, and they’re taking that leap together.

It was my privilege and honour to be able to take it with them, to capture their joy in the gentle caress of the light. Their engagement was a beautiful thing and I’m glad that I got to be part of it, to share the moment with them. I hope that these photos allow them to forever bask in the joy of their love, to look back from time to time and remember how happy they used to be, how joyful they used to be. It’s a truly incredible moment, and I appreciate the chance to be there to photograph them.