How it Work?

Wondering how the whole process works, right from your first reach-out to receiving those gorgeous high-end images and products? Well, it’s a journey that covers everything from setting up your session to what to expect on the actual day, and much more.

1. Inquiry

Discover the magic behind the lens at Blue Photo by Gabriela. For inquiries, contact me at Please note, there is no obligation to schedule a session right away. Feel free to reach out and inquire about anything you would like to know, from available locations and investment to the wide range of products I offer. While I strive to provide comprehensive information on the website, there might be specific questions I haven't covered, and I'm more than happy to address them for you. Your curiosity is always welcome!

2. Booking and Deposit

If you decide to book a session, we will schedule a date, and you will receive an email confirmation with details of the session fee. A deposit is required to secure your session date. Most of my outdoor sessions are scheduled in the morning or within a few hours of sunset to capture optimal lighting conditions. To ensure each client gets the best service, I limit my sessions to one per day. While many sessions take place outdoors, I am well-equipped to capture beautiful moments indoors as well. If you have a specific setting in mind, please feel free to share your preferences.

3. Consultation

I encourage clients to share their vision, preferences, and any specific ideas they may have. You will receive a booklet detailing everything you need to know before the session and a questionnaire to fill out. This approach ensures that the session and final results not only meet but exceed your expectations. We will schedule the consultation. Whether it's through a phone call, video call or meeting at a local café, I'm flexible to accommodate your preference.

4. Preparation

Before the magic begins, I take time to create a detailed session plan, including specific poses, locations, a colour palette, and wardrobe choices, to ensure your photoshoot is tailored to your style and preferences. This thoughtful preparation guarantees a session that goes beyond classy images, capturing the true essence of your story. If you're considering decorating your home with new wall arts, I would love to see your interiors. It allows me to understand the space where you plan to display the photos, ensuring a personalised and fitting touch to your décor.

5. Session

Now that we have crafted a detailed plan of your session, your only task is to arrive and enjoy the experience. The day of the session is a celebration of you and loved ones. Most sessions take 1-2 hours. With a keen focus on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, I capture genuine candid moments along with thoughtfully guided poses.

6. Online Gallery

The culmination of this experience is a collection of professionally edited, high-end photographs. You will receive an online gallery within 14 days after the session. These images go beyond being just beautiful, they are timeless artworks that capture the emotions of the day. From the refined compositions to intimate close-ups, every picture narrates your unique story. Now, you can relax, browse through your stunning gallery, and pick your favourite photographs. The gallery consists of a minimum of 50 pictures.

7. Your Selection

I can show you exactly how a specific print size will look on your wall. This is useful when adding new wall art to existing pieces or creating a collage of different sizes for a stylish wall display.

All Yours!