West London maternity photography

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I’m a maternity photographer based in London. I can describe my style as light-filled, natural, feminine, and elegant. The best time for a maternity session is between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy so your belly will have a nice round shape during this time frame, perfect for taking photographs.


While you’re deciding on a time frame for your maternity shoot, don’t wait too long to book up the session date. To ensure availability, it’s important to contact me as soon as possible. I have a limited amount of free terms on my schedule. Please note that maternity session tends to be my most popular type of photography so book up your session date at least a month in advance but don’t hesitate to ask about last-minute availability. Miracles happen.


As you go along with your pregnancy, things may change with your due date, or you may start showing sooner and want to do them earlier. Just contact me and we can discuss this and help you find a new date.


During your pregnancy photo shoot, I will guide you on how to pose to make sure the end results meet your expectations. You don’t need to look all the time at the camera, my photography is about capturing authentic emotions, and moments. Feel free to interact with your partner and family – the more sweet kisses and tender hugs the better.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t always feel that way. If you don’t feel like you’re rocking this whole pregnancy thing, you should still have maternity photos taken. Why? Even though pregnancy can have its less-than-enjoyable moments, your body is doing an incredibly beautiful thing. You’ll never regret documenting this change with maternity photos. The photography I offer is geared towards quality, not quantity. I approach every picture individually. Please, visit my blog to see how emotive each picture I take will be for you.


I have a wide range of beautiful dresses to choose from, but you can always bring your own clothes. Your partner and family are always welcome to join the session. Moreover, you can incorporate some props. Most of my clients do bring something sweet and meaningful, such as tiny baby shoes, a USG scan, or ballons. 


Your maternity session can take place in your home or outside in one of the lovely parks we have around West London. Do you prefer a different part of London? It’s also fine. I cover most of the West London areas like Chiswick, Thurnham Green, Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Twickenham, Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham, and Richmond. Some of my favorite locations for photo shoots are Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden, Golders Hill Park, Kew Gardens, Richmond Park, and Gunnersbury Park, Notting Hill. 

Isn’t it remarkable what your body is capable of doing? Growing a little human inside of you is a miracle. It all starts with you, being pregnant is hard work and it should be celebrated. A pregnancy photo shoot gives you the opportunity to capture this time, these memories for both you and your growing family. It is where their story begins after all. My maternity photo shoot price list is clearly displayed on my website.

Moreover, use a maternity photo session as an excuse to spoil yourself. I always tell my mommies-to-be to pamper themselves before the session. Take the day off, get a manicure, pedicure, hair, and make-up, by a new outfit for this occasion. There may be a chance that you are not feeling beautiful because you are pregnant and your body is changing, but you would be surprised how a good hairdresser and makeup artist can change that.


Maternity photography in West London