Beautiful Aya and her maternity session in North London


Once again, I had the distinct privilege of being able to do a maternity session with an amazing mum-to-be. Specifically, I worked with the lovely Aya, who was expecting twins. I find that maternity sessions are always particularly interesting because they really help to capture the unique emotions of the moment. A lot of my clients, awaiting their new baby, are dealing with that incredible feeling of unconditional love. Just try to imagine dealing with the fact that there is a tiny, living creature waiting to emerge from you, someone that you created. I believe it’s an incredibly powerful emotion that only parents feel. 

Genuinely, there is a lot of raw and powerful emotion inside maternity sessions. They’re beautiful things when people come together and they share their love and affection for the child growing inside them. It’s something that I can really love being part of because ultimately it gives me a chance to connect with these people in a way that’s so special. As well as that, you’re commemorating something, freezing at a single point in time for the rest of your life, with a precious memory that you can keep. That really does give you such a powerful connection to a person, or a moment, and it provides a doorway back into the past whenever you want one.

The best photos from the shoot were, like usual, the ones where the camera wasn’t the focus. When these people stopped focusing on the camera, and they came together as partners and teammates, and soulmates, there was a genuine sense of love and affection. It was a very powerful emotional moment that had nothing to do with the camera, and that meant that I caught photos of them at the real point. They weren’t pretending to be something for the camera, they were just being themselves with each other.