London Family Photography Guide

Family sessions are one of the most fun types of sessions I offer. I love capturing special family moments on camera for my clients. I offer a relaxed, natural yet contemporary family session package that can be tailored entirely to suit your family. Through these sessions, we’ll aim to create an experience full of joy and laughter at a location where you and your family feel completely at ease, and we’ll capture some treasured memories that you can enjoy forever.


Often, when a family photoshoot involves a very young child or baby, we let the session be led by them and their needs to enhance the enjoyment of the experience for everyone. So don’t ever worry about your child’s temperament or mood on the day. I can work with them!

Feeling camera shy? Don’t worry. I’m not looking to take any awkwardly posed shots. The natural style of my photography means I will be capturing the beauty of real-life moments as they happen. So, if you don’t want to pose for the camera, you don’t need to! You just need to concentrate on having fun with your family, and I’ll photograph it.


The only time I might get involved is to guide you to an area with better lighting or a spectacular backdrop to enhance your images. You’ll also have time just to be yourselves where I can capture some spontaneous in the moment shots.

Location ideas for family session

When booking your family session, we will agree to meet either at your home or at a location outside that is meaningful to you and where you love to spend quality family time together. Your home is the heart of your families life together and can be the perfect stage to photograph you all in, surrounded by your family history and memories. If your house doesn’t look like something out of an interior design magazine, it’s perfectly fine. In my job, I have photographed families in homes of all shapes and sizes and decors, including small flats and apartments. I’m here to craft and capture your families story in your natural surroundings. I have experience capturing families in all lighting conditions and believe there is beauty to be found in every location. The home really is the most natural place to photograph your family.

If there is a special place that you want your family to be photographed in, I am open to this too. Choosing somewhere that you know well and that has meaning is essential to make sure everyone enjoys the experience. If you have older children who can stay up a bit later without getting overtired, a perfect time for an outdoor family photoshoot is in the evening. In the summer months, this is usually between 6.30 to 7.30 pm, the hour before sunset. This time is known as the golden hour for photography. The lighting at this time is just perfect for creating flattering, enhanced, and dreamy backlighting. There’s something about this time of day, especially when photographing children, that just captures idyllic childhood summer memories perfectly.

Capturing the fun

Family photoshoots should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Initiating games that create family fun while capturing the moment is the perfect way to get those images of real joy and laughter. Games such as tickle fights, bundles on the bed, or telling a funny story can really help create the perfect shot and put everyone at ease. Let the kids do something you wouldn’t normally do. Jump on the bed or flying through the air can create some fantastic images. If you want to capture those quieter snuggly family moments, have a favourite book or cuddly toy to hand, and we will try and capture that special connection felt in these special moments.

If you want to incorporate items that will add meaning to your photoshoot, that’s completely fine, it could be an heirloom, or you might want to bring in the family pet for a few photos. Whatever your requirements, your wishes will completely guide me for the family session, and we’ll incorporate these into the family session for you.


Do you have a hobby that you are enthusiastic about that the children could get involved in to create some special memories on camera? For example, maybe you love to bake or perhaps you love to paint and could have some paint splatting fun with your little ones. Some other popular activity ideas are den building, water play with sprinklers or hoses, dressing up, kids splashing in a bubbly bath together or making incredible ice cream desserts!

Family portraits in London

I often meet families who prefer to have all their photos in the candid, real-life style. This means no one looks at the camera, and I just photograph you all going about your daily activities and the fun you are having together as a family.


However, there is also the option to include a few family portrait photos of everyone together purposely looking at the camera for a more traditional shot.

In most cases, families will opt for a mixture of the two, and there is no right or wrong way of doing a family photoshoot. I am happy to go along with whatever combination you decide on. We can discuss this before the photoshoot or even during if you want to try something. I am here to help facilitate and capture the moment however you envision it. As an experienced photographer, I can help you decide what type of session you are after.

Why book a family session?

When you have kids, time flies! Babies become toddlers, then preschoolers and school children in what feels like the blink of an eye. The saying “The days are long but the years are short” is never more true than when you become a parent. The absolute best thing I do as a photographer is freezing a moment of this fantastic journey in a photograph for the families I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You want to capture your kids being their beautiful natural selves right now.

As a parent, you probably find you have a million photographs of your children but very few of you all and the ones that you are in are hurried selfies or awkwardly posed after asking a family member to take a snap. My family sessions create a perfect opportunity to capture images of the whole family enjoying time together while the children are still young without being hurried or under pressure. These are the pictures your children will want to see when they grow up.

There is no perfect moment

Often families delay these photoshoots awaiting the perfect time or special occasion, but actually, there’s never a right or wrong time to capture your child and family all together enjoying themselves. We can create memorable moments in your everyday life.

Your child will be willing and ready to play and spend time with you every day. There is no perfect age, mood or developmental stage. Just go for it, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Think about the final results

By this, I mean how do you want to feel when you look at the photographs in years to come? You might simply wish to capture the current moment in time, and that’s absolutely fine. However, you might also want shots that are creative, amazing and full of feelings of warmth and love that you are proud to display and share with your friends and family.

We can discuss what type of photography really makes you feel excited, and we will aim to create memories that mean something to you. For me, family photoshoots are about capturing the beauty of childhood and the special moments in the every day that make this stage so perfect.

Frequently asked questions

with answers about family sessions

What if my child doesn’t behave during the session?

I get asked this a lot! Rest assured, no child I’ve met yet has behaved immaculately on any photoshoot. I just work with the child and go along with what they want to do and encourage them to be themselves. Because I work with children a lot, I spend much of my time on the floor at their level interacting with them. This way, I capture their viewpoint of the world, and this often puts them at ease.

What should I wear?

I don’t want to dictate your wardrobe for the session, and my only advice would be to consider avoiding bright primary colours and opt for softer pastel and natural colourings instead. Subtle patterns and prints can add an interesting texture to the photography. Try to avoid clothing items with logos or slogans.