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Welcome to Blue Photo by Gabriela – it’s all about you and your stories. Cheers to new beginnings, exciting adventures, and the beauty of everyday moments! Whether you’re stepping into the chapter of motherhood, wanting to embrace yourself, planning the dream wedding, or just wanting to freeze-frame those everyday magic moments – it’s always a perfect time to celebrate you and your loved ones.


As someone wise once said, Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Capture your story with Blue Photo by Gabriela, a professional lifestyle photographer, specialising in maternity, newborn, and wedding photography, turning each moment into a timeless masterpiece.


A great portrait captures more than just a smile, it should enhance your inner beauty. Gabriela is an advocate for empowering women through photography. She enjoys portraying the different personalities and life journeys of her clients, making them feel beautiful, and unique as they are.

Professional photography is a luxury service itself. However, the experience with Blue Photo by Gabriela takes you way beyond capturing beautiful images. It’s all about an exclusive and personalised approach. From detailed planning to the use of professional equipment and expert post-production techniques, resulting in bespoke wall art and fine art albums. Every aspect of your session is carefully tailored to provide you with a true essence of premium service and high-end products.


The photography Gabriela offers is geared towards quality, not quantity. She approaches every picture individually so you can return to it after many years with the same joy and emotions. Your images will convey love and elegance, far beyond seasonal trends.


Gabriela combines editorial and lifestyle aesthetics. Her work features soft, natural lighting and a touch of glamour, resulting in images that are both candid and artistically composed. Her photography style is elegant, timeless, and romantic.

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Maternity Photography

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London Lifestyle Photography

Do you believe in the beauty of simple things that transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories? Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing the true essence of life. It celebrates authenticity, genuine emotions, and connections.


Gabriela specialises in lifestyle photography, capturing your real-life events in an artistic manner, along with some posed images. She prefers to photograph in her client homes or outdoors. There’s no need for forced smiles. Please, be as natural as possible. Gabriela loves capturing those unexpected moments when no one is aware of her camera’s presence.

If you and your loved ones enjoy the outdoors, let’s go on an adventure together. Gabriela covers North, West and parts of South London. Imagine capturing your family in stunning locations like The Hill Garden and Pergola, Golders Hill Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, and Gunnersbury Park. Do you have any locations that are special for you?


Your lifestyle photo session is all about capturing genuine stories of people who love each other. Please check out the blog and galleries to see how emotional each picture can be. I hope it will inspire you to have your photos taken with Blue Photo by Gabriela.

London Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Have you considered having a maternity session? The ideal time for a pregnancy photo shoot is between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy, ensuring your belly has a nice round shape.


Your maternity session can take place in your home or outdoors, wherever you feel most comfortable and relaxed. We can include your family and pets, if you like. Prior to the session, I’ll provide you with practical tips to help you prepare, from what to bring to what to wear. We’ll discuss the session plan and the style you’d like to be portrayed in – whether it’s romantic, feminine, elegant, or relaxed. Another key to success is a consistent wardrobe, and you can always use my maternity dresses and accessories.


During your pregnancy photo shoot, I’ll guide you on posing in the most flattering way to ensure the end results meet your expectations. You don’t need to look at the camera all the time. I’ll encourage you to interact with your partner and family, as my photography focuses on capturing authentic emotions. I’ve noticed that the presence of a partner or family often empowers my clients, they literally blossom during the session.


However, pregnancy isn’t always as glamorous as it appears in pictures. Some of us suffer from common pregnancy discomforts. If you’re one of them and are considering a maternity session, please let me know. I’m here to help you enjoy your photo session experience and make it a pleasant memory. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones for assistance.

North London Maternity Photography

I love outdoor photography! Some of my favourite parks in North London are truly unique. The Hill Garden and Pergola is one-of-a-kind (the most requested spot by my clients, and yes, I love Pergola too), as well as Kenwood House and Golders Hill Park. You can also check out the dedicated page for Maternity Photography in North London.


West London Maternity Photography

My favourite locations in West London include scenic Richmond Park with Isabella Plantation and deer, as well as The Kew Gardens, Holland Park, Gunnersbury Park, and Chiswick Park. How about a walk through the bohemian streets of Notting Hill? Check a dedicated page for the Maternity Photography in West London for more details.


In Kensington and the nearby areas, we can photograph in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster. If you feel comfortable, we can take a long walk through the City of London to capture you in its most iconic spots, such as London Bridge, Millennium Bridge, St. Katherine’s Docks, South Bank, Covent Garden, and the almost-secret Neal’s Yard.


Remember, to check the availability of a suitable parking spot and plan your way in advance to arrive on time.

London Newborn Photography

The best time to photograph newborns is between 7-21 days (the 10th day is ideal). This is when babies are sleepiest and easiest to photograph. As soon as you know your due date, we can pencil your booking for 10 days after your due date, and adjust if your baby arrives early or late.


Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most emotional and incredible times in your life. Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join in, as happiness multiplies by sharing these moments with loved ones. I aim to capture those joyful feelings and preserve them for you to cherish forever. Newborns are typically photographed in a natural, adorable state, often without clothing. I can provide a variety of fabrics, baskets, small outfits, hats, and other accessories to enhance the aesthetics. However, I believe that ‘less is more,’ and I prefer to keep things simple. Please check the Newborn Gallery to get an idea of what to expect.

The newborn session will take place in your home, providing a safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby. Typically, I prefer to photograph in the bedroom, baby’s room, and living room. During the session, I will capture numerous portraits of your little one as well as family shots with all of you.


A newborn photo session is very much baby-led. I always ensure that the little one is settled, comfortable, and safe during the session. Safety is of the utmost importance. Please keep in mind that typically, a newborn session may last up to 4 hours, although it may be completed in much less time. I always schedule only one session per day to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

about me

About me

Hi, my name is Gabriela. I’m a newborn, maternity & portrait photographer based in West London, UK. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. I became interested in photography during my studies and since then I don’t like to be separated from my camera. This is also my biggest passion and work. From the very beginning, I like to portray people the most. In my pictures, I try to show their smile, energy, and real emotions.

I work on professional full-frame Canon body and bright lenses, so I rarely use additional lighting. If it’s necessary I have huge lighting equipment. However, my work is not just photo shoots, but also many hours of photo retouching.

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