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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I’m a London based professional photographer, specialising in maternity, newborn, family, and portrait photography. I offer a wide range of photo sessions that will perfectly capture your priceless memories. I cover North, South and West London and I’m happy to travel. I can help you to stop the time and catch unique moments of your family’s life when you are getting married, expecting a child, celebrating, or just enjoying time with your loved ones. I would like to tell your story combining narrative aesthetic with simple and timeless portraits. I can work indoors as well as outdoor thanks to professional equipment.


The photography I offer is geared towards quality, not quantity. I approach every picture individually so everyone can returns to these pictures after many years with the same joy and emotions. I’ve created my modern style of photography thanks to a mixture of natural and professional lighting, posing rules, and a pinch of post-production techniques. You can count on my help at every stage of our cooperation.

I believe that old family pictures are priceless treasures. Their colours, smell, and even the way of how the people were posing allow us to step into the past. They are a great opportunity to find out more about the history of our family. As a little girl, I loved looking at my grandma’s photo archive and listen to stories from her childhood. I also can’t forget her joy when I restored for her one of the very old family pictures portraying her when she was five years old together with her parents and siblings in their garden. Probably, this is why I have such a sentiment for black and white pictures. However, I love colours too! It also thought me how important is to take care of memories.


Your maternity, newborn, or family session is all about creating genuine stories about people who love each other. Please, check my blog as well as galleries to see how emotive each picture can be. I hope I inspire you to have photos taken of you or your family.


I look forward to hearing from you!

London lifestyle photography

As a former content manager, my photography is also all about telling beautiful stories. I use to photograph people in my signature style that combines a photojournalistic approach, lifestyle aesthetics with a touch of glamour style.


Your session can take place in your home or outside in one of the lovely parks we have around London. No posing necessary. No forced smiles. Please, be as natural as possible. I believe in those unexpected and astonishing moments when no one thinks about the photo session. I prefer to catch moments. However, if necessary I’m happy to help you and pose in the most flattering way. Do you know that I also have experience in fashion photography?

I cover most of the London areas like Chiswick, Acton, Ealing, Hampstead, Twickenham, Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham, Richmond, Notting Hill, Greenford, Wembley, East Finchley, Golders Green, Highgate, Barnet, or Archway. I like to travel around London to discover new locations for the next photo sessions.


If you and your family love being outdoors let’s go out and have an adventure together. Some of my favorite spots for photo shoots are The Hill Garden and Pergola, Golders Hill Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, and Gunnersbury Park. 

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London maternity photography

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Do you consider having a maternity session? The best time for a pregnancy photo shoot is between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy so your belly will have a nice round shape.


Your maternity session can take place in your home or outdoor – wherever you feel comfortable and relaxed.  We can involve your family (including pets) if you like. Before the session, I will share with you lots of practical tips to help you prepare, from what to bring to what to wear. We will discuss the session plan and the style you want to be portraited in – romantic, feminine, elegant, funny, or relaxed. Another key to success is a consistent wardrobe. You can always use my maternity dresses and accessories.


During your pregnancy photo shoot, I will guide you on how to pose in the most flattering way and make sure the end results meet your expectations. You don’t need to look all the time at the camera, I will ask you to interact with your partner and family as my photography is about capturing authentic emotions. I’ve noticed that the presence of a partner or family always empowers my clients. They literally blossom during the session.


However, the pregnancy time is not always like in beautiful pictures. Some of us suffer from common pregnancy discomforts. If you one of them and consider having a maternity session, please let me know. I’m happy to help you enjoy your photo session experience and remind it as a pleasant experience. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones about the help. I believe together we can create a bit of magic.

West London Maternity Photography

I love to photography outdoors! My favorite spots in West London are Richmond Park with Isabella Plantation and deers, iconic Kew Gardens, Holland Park, romantic Gunnersbury Park, and Chiswick Park. I’m still exploring those areas. How about a walk through bohemian Notting Hill? Check a dedicated page for the Maternity Photography in West London for more details.


North London Maternity Photography

I often recommend Hampstead Heath as a session location. My favorite parks in North London are one in a kind The Hill Garden and Pergola (the most requested spot by my clients, and yes, I love Pergola too), Kenwood House, and Golders Hill Park. Check a dedicated page for the Maternity Photography in North London.


Cental London Maternity Photography

I truly adore the central part of London. My favorite locations in Central London are Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Westminster, London Bridge, Millenium Bridge, St. Katherine’s Docks, South Bank, Covent Garden, and almost secret Neal’s Yard. If you will feel enough comfortable we can have a long walk through Central London to capture you in the most iconic spots.


Remember, to check the availability of a suitable parking spot and plan your way in advance to arrive on time.

London newborn photography

The best time to photograph newborns is between 7-21 days (10th is the best). This is when babies are the sleepiest and easiest to photograph. As soon as you will know your due date we can make a provisional booking for 1oth days after your due date, and adjust if your baby arrives early or late.


Welcoming your new baby into the world is one of the most emotional and incredible times in your life. Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join in, as happiness multiplies by sharing them with loved ones. I want to capture those joyful feelings and document them for you to keep them forever. Newborns are mostly posed naked and look absolutely adorable this way. I can offer you a variety of fabrics, baskets, little outfits, hats, and other accessories to complement the look. However, I believe the less is more and I like to keep things simple. Please, check the Newborn Gallery to see what you can expect.

The newborn session will take place in your home which is a safe and comfortable environment for you and your baby. Usually, I like to photography in the bedroom, baby’s room, or living room. During the session, I will take a lot of portraits of your little one as well as family shots with all of you in.


A newborn photo session is very much baby-led. I always make sure that the little one is settled, comfortable, and safe during the session. Safety is always the most important. Please, bear in mind that usually, a newborn session may last up to 4 hours, though it may be completed in much less time. I always book only one session per day to keep things relaxed.


Please, spend some time on my website so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right newborn photographer for your family.

London wedding & couple photography

I believe wedding photography is one of the most demanding types of photography – lots of emotions, unique moments, and surprises.  It is always a challenge. No couple or wedding is the same and I believe your images should reflect that.


As a professional London wedding photographer, I try to capture those unforgettable moments with the highest care for you so you can return to them with joy after many years. Good wedding photos need a lot of work put into it. It’s not only the talent and experience of the photographer but also great cooperation with the bride and groom.

I take a personal approach to discovering who you are as a couple, and what’s important to you and your family. I offer my clients a pre-wedding consultation. Trust me, it’s really important to establish all details earlier or just meet each other. I would like to discuss locations, timings, group shots, big and small events, important family members, and wedding sessions.


Every couple has her own special story and I’ll try to show this uniqueness in my pictures.

London children & family photography

I have been grateful to see families grow, from those curly tiny creations to become beautiful people. I love to photograph families being playful, relaxed, and carefree: tree climbing, puddle jumping, picnics, and tickling. I believe being outside always brings out the magic and wonder of childhood.


However, our memories are made as well within the walls of our homes during a book reading, tickle fights, or cozy mornings in beds. The place you can all relax and be yourselves is the best setting to tell your family’s story.

I use to focus on capturing natural and emotional photographs that tell a unique story of your family. Every person from the tiniest baby to adult is beautiful inside out and it is my passion to capture this beauty in authentic photographs. Similarly, I believe that light that can transform one scene into something completely different and magical. I love to play with natural light. However, if necessary I can use my professional lighting kit.

about me

About me

Hi, my name is Gabriela. I’m a newborn, maternity & portrait photographer based in West London, UK. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. I became interested in photography during my studies and since then I don’t like to be separated from my camera. This is also my biggest passion and work. From the very beginning, I like to portray people the most. In my pictures, I try to show their smile, energy, and real emotions.

I work on professional full-frame Canon body and bright lenses, so I rarely use additional lighting. If it’s necessary I have huge lighting equipment. However, my work is not just photo shoots, but also many hours of photo retouching.

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