Marta – North London Pregnancy Photography, Hampstead Heath

A couple is posing in The Hill Garden and Pergola, North London.


Summer can be amazing but also a difficult time for maternity photo sessions. On the one hand, not only do you get the saturated and vibrant colours, making my photos so vivid but regardless of whether it’s the morning or the evening, the best possible light is delivered. There is one exception, usually, midday is not the best time for the session during summer as the light is to strong. On the other side, you need to remember about drinks on hand and to stay hydrated and deal with high temperatures, but it’s definitely worth it. You can also try all the beautiful dresses without thinking about being cold.

However, maternity pictures are about capturing unique emotions. Obviously, each couple I photographed has shown affections that cannot be misplaced or even falsely replicated. It is incredible amounts of love and affection for the tiny creature growing inside you, joy at the knowledge that your family is just beginning, and a sense of awe and mystery of the life that you have ahead of you. It’s genuinely beautiful, and I really try to capture as much as I can in photos. 


Hampstead Heath Pergola

The location of choice here, Hampstead Heath Pergola was perfect and gave rise to some stunning composition opportunities. This is my favourite location regardless of the season.

Nestled in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world this is a hidden gem that combines architecture with nature and is perhaps thankfully, not as well-known as it probably should be. It dates back to 1904 when Lord Leverhulme, on a whim, decided that a terrace of extravagant proportions was needed to enhance his grandiose home and provide the perfect setting for parties and social gatherings. Although it sadly has become neglected, the fact that flowers and vines now grow through the structure is a blessing for photographers seeking such unique backdrops. The contrast of brickwork, concrete pillars and wooden supports make this aesthetically pleasing and form the perfect basis for a shoot.


A pregnant lady in red dress is posing in The Hill Garden and Pergola, North London.