Relaxed outdoor family photography in West London

Relaxed family session in West London. Family walk in the park.


In my opinion, having a family session is such a beautiful and great idea. I can capture the memories at the moment that you treasure the most, and then you have a tangible reminder of the past. Even when your family is grown up and living in different places, you have those memories to look back on. They remind you of a time when things were simple and different.

It was such a nice location as well, and a natural setting that really captured how these family members interacted. There was nothing to distract from them, so they really were the focus of every photograph with just how much love and trust in the family dynamic that was present. You can’t fake a family dynamic. It has to come together naturally. Even family is on films and TV, they’ve spent so much time together that there is naturally a dynamic there. It’s the same here.

It was obvious to me as I began to take the photos that I was intruding on something of a family moment. Not necessarily in a bad way, more in the sense that they weren’t really paying attention to the camera so much as they were spending time together as a family. I just happened to be the person chosen to photograph it and commemorate it. In reality, this made the best photos possible. Contrary to what people like to leave, the most human photos, in my eyes anyway, are ones that focus on people when they’re not dealing with a camera. If you just let people interact naturally, you get some much more intimate photos, shorts that are more representative of what these people are, who these people are even.


Relaxed family session in West London. Family time in the park. Boy portrait.
Relaxed family session in West London. Family is playing in the park.
Relaxed family session in West London. Family is playing in the park.