North London maternity photography

Hi, I’m a maternity photographer based in London. The best time for a maternity session is between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy. Your belly will have a nice round shape during this timeframe, perfect for taking photographs. Your maternity session can take place in your place or outside in one of the lovely parks we have around North London.

I have a wide range of beautiful dresses to choose from, but you can always bring your own clothes. Your partner or husband is always welcome to join the session. The photography I offer is geared towards quality, not quantity. I approach every picture individually. Please, scroll around my gallery and see how emotive each picture I take will be for you.

FAQ: Maternity session

What clothes should I wear for our session?

A beautiful family portrait is all about the emotion. It really is not that important what you wear as long as you all match. However, I do think that more plainclothes work better than bright colours and bold patterns (white, bluish, etc. is ok).

Maternity photography in North London