Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens, pregnancy photo session


When you want to capture the magic and beauty of a maternity session, you’re going to make sure that you will have a professional photographer to do it. You might not realise it, during the thick of morning sickness, cramps and cravings, but there’s some real beauty during the maternity stage that can’t ever be replicated and I’m happy to help you. If you struggle with mood swinging an outdoor session can be excellent idea as contact with nature can be very relaxing. You don’t need to walk a lot, it can be a very lazy and short walk or even a picnic. If the day temperature is too high for you we can even arrange an evening session.

Finding and capturing the beauty of pregnancy is such an amazing and exciting thing to do . This maternity session was one that I was thrilled to participate in. It was a beautiful event, really focused on the overflowing joy of life, and the emotions that were captured that day were very powerful. Obviously, it is the dream of any photographer to be able to capture real emotions, and this is something I think we managed to accomplish very well. I’m so glad I could be part of this, and I really wish the happy couple the best when it comes to their new life and their child.