How to use artificial floral arrangements in photo shoots

Photo shoots are nowadays a must-have for every important event in your life. Wedding, baby shower, newborn shoots- we want to capture everything what is important and we want to do it professionally. Such a professional souvenir made by a talented photographer will stay with us for a long time and we will gladly come back to these photos. Artificial flowers appear as a background of such shoots more and more often. Why is it worth using them and on what type of photos?

Faux flowers have come a long way in the last few years. There are some stunning silk flowers with amazing quality so they look and feel amazingly real that it’s hard to tell the difference. There are also cheap and nasty ones as well that we do not recommend to use – they shoddiness will be visible on photos. You just need to know how to use them or hand it over to a company that knows something about it.

One of the companies specialise in decorations with artificial flowers is Blossomania that hire handmade accessories. The expert will explain where and how you can use faux floral arrangements during your photo shoot.

Pictures by Blossomania


Artificial floral arrangements in newborn photography

Newborn photo shoots are now very popular. No wonder, it is a sweet and cute option to keep a memory when your baby is just a few days old. Artificial flowers can be used as a wreath in which your baby is photographed, as a unique headband (advice – large flowers look cuter on newborn’s tiny little head), or simply spread flowers around the flat background. One thing is very important here- you don’t know if your infant is allergic to some flowers. There is no such problem with faux ones!


 Wedding or any other Big Day of your life

Flower walls are indispensable element of today’s background photography and very desirable. After all, these are the days when flowers are never enough! Lush of flowers add charm, splendor to the it and it is simply just nicer to look at. In weddings flower wall is a must-have background for newlyweds and family photo. Remember, here you need to hire a wide wall that accommodates all the guests. Like the one on the photo below.

You can use flower wall on your birthday party, baby shower or engagement event. The colors, shapes and sizes of the walls are different, so you can choose something perfect on your big day.

Pictures by Blossomania


Floral accessories at your event

 There are also floral decorations that you can use in other way than the background. Welcome boards, table plans, floral chairs or decorative animals made from artificial flowers. They will enrich your party or event by making it unique. Every that is floral decoration gives an extraordinary relish, lushness and adds an unusual appearance on this special day for you. Not to mention the reaction of the guests that will be ,,Wow!” for sure.

In all the examples above it is important to use as much natural light as possible when playing with artificial flowers. When this is not possible, let the photographer use the lamp’s light to make it look like a fairy tale. They know how to do it professionally.


The article was created in cooperation with Blossomania, London based company that offers flower walls and wedding decorations for hire. Everything is handmade and unique. Feel free to visit website for more details: