Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully – by accessing or making any use of Blue Photo, you are agreeing to them. You also agree to our Privacy Policy, which sets out how we deal with Blue Photo users personal information and privacy.

If there is anything that you do not understand or need further clarifications on, please feel free to email us at gabriela@bluephoto.co.uk


1. Privacy Policy

1.1. Our Privacy Policy governs all users of Blue Photo. By using or accessing Blue Photo, you give your consent to the content of that policy. If you do not wish your personal data to be handled in that way, then you must not use Blue Photo.


2. General

2.1. Users shall not use the Services in connection with the sending of any unsolicited messages, or to harvest or otherwise collect information about Users, including email addresses, without their express consent.

2.2. No User shall use any information regarding other Users that is accessible through the Services except as expressly permitted by these Terms. These Terms set out your rights and obligations, and those of Blue Photo (“we” or “us”), in relation to www.bluephoto.co.uk (the “Site”), and any goods or services available through, and material of any kind accessible or relating to, the Site, or us (the “Services”).

2.3. When we refer to “Blue Photo” in these Terms, we mean us, the Site, and/or the Services, according to the context. You must take the time to read and understand these Terms before Blue Photo.


3. Payment

3.1. When you book the session, you will need to supply us with details of a payment method.

3.2. Payment due date will be clearly noted on the relevant invoice for the commissioned work.


4. Applicable Law:

4.1. This Agreement shall be subject to and constructed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of England;

4.2. No variation of terms and conditions set out herein shall be effective unless agreed in writing by both parties.

4.3. Email communication constitutes a contract in law, unless the Client specifically states they will not accept this and instead provides hardcopy paperwork of all relevant agreements and contracts.


5. Client Confidentiality:

The Blue Photo will keep confidential and will not disclose to any third parties or make use of information communicated to them in confidence for the purposes of the photography, save as may be reasonably necessary to enable the Blue Photo to carry out their obligations in relation to the commission.


6. Children

6.1. We do not intend to solicit or collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent. If you are under 18, you shall not use or enter information on this site, including without limitation, any Interactive Areas of the site without parental consent. Please contact Blue Photo by email at gabriela@bluephoto.co.uk, to obtain the necessary parental consent forms.