London newborn session – what you should know

To make a sweet photo of the newborn baby is not enough to just pull the camera and press the button. A professional photographer must have very expensive photo equipment, camera, several lenses, often studio lamps and lots of accessories. Children session – especially the newborn – usually lasts many hours. And it’s just the beginning of work. When you’re back home, the photographer is just beginning a second, also important part of working. It starts with selecting photos, editing and retouching in the graphics program and finally preparing photos for printing, gluing an album or designing a photobook. What should know planning a newborn session?

Nadia – London newborn session


Safety always comes first

The safety and comfort of the child should be a priority in the photographer’s work. This is why the neonatal session lasts so long (even to 5 hours). During the session, it is time to calmly feed, rewind and comfort the baby. Newborns remember his or her position from the fetal life until 3 weeks of age, so he is very prone to pose. The sleeping newborn is also very flexible. Remember that many of the poses that you can see on the photos are achieved through a graphics manipulation, such as a hand-held photographer or a toddler’s thumb. If you are afraid of going to such a session – do not do it. The stress of parents does not affect the child, nor the work of the photographer. In such a situation, it is better to opt for a natural reporter style session or to wait for a studio visit until the child is about to miss the end of the year.


Suitable age for newborn session

The best time to do a newborn session is between 5 and 14 days of a child’s life. Such a baby usually sleeps most of the session and you can without problems placed the baby in the poses. Many parents report to the photographer when the child has 4 or 8 weeks. Dear parents – it’s definitely too late for a newborn session. At the same time too early for a children session. At this age it is very difficult to make sweet, sleepy shots, the baby immediately senses every change of environment, new faces immediately reacts to stimuli, wakes up and straightens the hands and feet.

A good moment to do a baby session is the age when the baby is free to hold his head lying on his stomach and sitting – that is about 5-8 months of life. At this age children smile, make cute faces, play with hands, and react to play with their parents. Another great moment for the session is 12-14 months of life, then we have the chance to capture a cute baby crawling or his first steps. Sessions of infants from 5 months – unlike in neonatal sessions – usually last for about 60 – 90 minutes. It’s enough time to capture an active baby while not tired or bored.

Omer – London newborn session


How to prepare for the newborn session?

The most important issue is the early booking of the appointment. It is best to report to the photographer while you are pregnant, and after the birth of the child to determine the exact date of the session. Before the session, the baby should be fed, prepare for feeding during the session, and bring along enough nappies. If the session is to take place in your home you should also remember to warm up the room to a minimum of 25 degrees. It is also worth having at hand what air heater. Before the baby session, it is important that the baby is fed and sleepy – and in consequence – in a good mood.