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Hi, I’m a London wedding photographer working UK wide and abroad. I never forget my first ever wedding which I had photographed. The bride – privately my friend – asked me if I’m nervous because she is really stressed. I said, “of course, you know it’s also my first wedding”. Now, I always tell my couples that the first time is the worst. Thankfully, all of them are still happy together. We meet sometimes, at weddings of their friend’s or they ask me to photograph their family and children. We are a little bit like a big family and I love it.


Wedding – a word that everyone probably associates with love, joy, and enormous emotions. It’s also one of those events in life from which we want to keep our memories forever.

I can capture these unique moments for you on professional images. As a London wedding photographer, I provide a documentary wedding photography style that tells a story with a very natural and relaxed look. I’m also inspired by fashion photography. Did you use to admire your parent’s weddings album when you were a child? Me too, so you should know how wedding photographs are important for the whole family. It’s also the best souvenir, which lasts for many years.


The photography I offer is geared towards quality, not quantity. I approach every picture individually and I try to be as effective as possible so everyone could return to this pictures after many years with the same joy and emotion as the first time and cherish these memories forever.


I think wedding photography is one of the most demanding types of photography – lots of emotions, unique moments and surprises – that’s why I like it.  I try to capture this special, unforgettable moments on my photos so you can return to it after many years. Good wedding photos need a lot of work put into it. It’s not only the talent and experience of the photographer but also great cooperation with the bride and groom.

As a London wedding photographer, I offer to my clients a pre wedding consultation. Trust me, it’s really important to establish all details earlier or just meet each other. The most important topic to cover during the pre wedding photography consultation are locations, timings, group shots, big and small events or wedding session. Please, check what my clients think about cooperation with me. 

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As a London wedding photographer, I cover most of North London area – Barnet, Westminster, Ealing, Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, East Finchley, Harrow, Islington, Hounslow, Newham, Wood Green. But if you want, I can photograph your wedding in your dream location, even abroad. Don’t hesitate to ask me about the wedding reportage and session – I’m open to small and bigger travel.

I use to focus on capturing natural and emotional photographs that tell a unique story of your wedding day. If you’re looking for an elegant and light fine art wedding photography from London, I’d love to know more about your big day. I believe that getting to know each other before the wedding is highly important and will benefit your wedding pictures. Let’s keep in contact.





Hi, my name is Gabriela.  I’m couple & wedding photographer based in London, UK. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. I became interested in photography during my studies and since then I don’t like to be separated from my camera. It’s also my passion and work. From the very beginning, I like portray people the most. In my pictures, I try to show their smile, energy, and emotions.

I work on professional full-frame Canon body and bright lenses, so I rarely use additional lighting. If it’s necessary I have huge lighting equipment. However, my work is not just photo shoots, but also many hours of photo retouching. I usually correct white balance, color, contrast, and sharpness.

FAQ – North London Wedding Photography

How can we book our wedding date?

You need to pay a 25% deposit as a secure your date and I give you a contract with service details.

Can we meet you before the wedding day?

Yes, consultation are included in price so we can meat earlier and talk about details your big day. Engagement session a few weeks before the wedding is a great idea to learn how to pose and tame with the lens. However we can also talk via Skype or email to clarify the schedule and what your expectations are.

Are there any hidden costs?

No – I like to keep things simple. What I quote you will be the final price.

Do you have a second photographer?

I can have a second photographer if you want or you have a lot of quests (about 150-200) so it’s necessary.

What you wear to our wedding?

I like to feel comfortable but smart so I choose a white shirt and formal trousers and flat shoes. If you have any requirement let me earlier. 

Would you like to have something to eat if you'll staying for first dance?

Yes, thank you! I leave my house sometimes early in the morning and will be on feet to late evening. I don’t need the exact same as you and your guests but I will be happy with the main course or some snacks.

How about a wedding session?

Wedding session, even in such an amazing place like London, is also subject to long discussions. Lots of couples are determined to find a unique location. It’s not an easy task. Some couples choose to attend wedding sessions at a favourite park, by the sea or in the mountains, while others are doing something even crazier and choosing a wedding session underwater.


I think there is no need to try so hard because almost every place can be a unique in London. All you need to do is to turn your creative thinking into action and you will have plenty of ideas. For example, your hobby will be the perfect motif for unique wedding photos. It can be bicycles, cooking or some games.


You can also decide for a session in your favourite movie style. If you love the forest, you must definitely choose a session while walking among the trees. If your heart is close to your countryside, time to go to the countryside or to a horse stable. In London we find plenty of beautiful wedding venues – you can check a few on my portfolio or blog.

How long will it take to get our photos back?

Typically, I need 2-4 weeks for a retouch. Sometimes this may be sooner – I will usually also share a couple of preview shots with you even a few days after the wedding.